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Vocalist Bernard Sumner has since explained that the scream was from him due to bandmates thrusting a snowball down his shirt during recording.

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In the song was interpreted in a video titled The Temptation of Victoria by filmmaker Michael Shamberg , who had directed a number of music videos for New Order. Victoria Bergsman of Swedish band The Concretes acted the role of the protagonist in the video.

Set to the song's re-recording the film features a young woman in Paris who steals a vinyl copy of the song's original inch release from a vintage record shop the now defunct Bimbo Tower , along with a bouquet from a flower shop, before returning to her apartment. On arrival home she puts the flowers in a vase and the record on to a player, and begins dancing to its music.

At this point the video shifts from black and white to full color, starting with the bouquet before quickly encompassing the whole scene. The film plays out with her dancing alone, absorbed in the rhythm of the music. The Temptation of Victoria was one of two videos that New Order commissioned Shamberg to direct in , and is dedicated to the memory of film director Michael Powell. The song was completely re-recorded and released on singles compilation Substance , sometimes known as "Temptation '87".

This version is now one of New Order's best-known recordings, partly due to its appearance on the best-selling Trainspotting soundtrack ; in the film the lyrics are sung by Diane while she's showering, heard very faintly in the background during breakfast not much later and again during the scene where Renton is locked in his room. Later, after five years of inactivity, another new version of "Temptation" was recorded by the band in This recording is similar to the earlier version, but omits the long intro and a portion of the lyric beginning "Bolts from above This did not represent an official rejection of these elements, as they were retained in live performances such as that recorded at the Reading Festival and later issued on the Australian 60 Miles an Hour EP.

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Running at , this version is known as "Temptation '98" and eventually saw official release on the Retro boxset. A different mix of "Temptation" appeared on the soundtrack for the film Something Wild. That version clocks in at Introducing the song at a performance at the Zurich Volkshaus in , Bernard Sumner told the audience, "This next song's called 'Temptation'. It's a story about long lost love. Both the 7" and 12" versions of "Temptation" can now be found on the Collector's Edition of New Order's album Movement.

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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Retrieved 10 January Retrieved 12 April But those tiny temptations are fueled by the perks of leadership. Leaders have access to money. And personnel. And power.

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When we think about temptation, we think of the big ones like stealing or immorality. But in a leadership context, the difference between a legitimate perk and an abused privilege can be subtle.

And fuzzy. When we look at the temptations Jesus faced in Matthew 4, they're pretty fuzzy too. Is it a sin to turn stones into bread? Have any of us honestly been tempted to throw ourselves from a building? Could it be that more hangs in the balance of your private—maybe even innocent—temptations than you know?

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