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Who Must Comply with the TSR?

This will help you understand their pain points and objectives, and have a more productive conversation. With my sales reps, I've implemented a mandatory "2-minute research" before any of their calls. In addition to helping build better rapport, it helps them ask better questions and qualify leads much faster. Calling a prospect that has never heard about you or your brand doesn't work.

However, if they have, then your chances to connect and actually have a successful conversation with them increase significantly. This will ensure that they are aware of your brand before you call. One of our clients at Growlabs has seen tremendous success "warming up their leads" by sending a series of highly targeted emails, in addition to adding these leads to a dynamic ad campaign by pushing the emails of their target accounts to the ad audience.

Cold Calling 101: 13 Steps to Cold Calls That Work!

It's best to focus your time on leads that are actually in the buying process. Knowing who to call and when is extremely difficult. However, technology can significantly help with this. Invest in a sales and marketing software that allows you to track when a prospect opens one of your emails, or downloads the e-book you sent them, or even visits your website. Set up a trigger to notify your reps to call them as soon as they engage with your content.

For example, you can send them a Slack notification or create a task in your CRM automatically if a high-value lead has opened a certain email or piece of content more than three times. Before you call, try making the initial contact through social media, such as LinkedIn or Twitter. Let them know that you'd like to have a few minutes to discuss your product offering and that you'll try to give them a call later that day.

If they really aren't interested, they may just respond right away and save you some time. If they are interested but are just busy, your chances of connecting with them increase significantly by this simple act of respecting their time. Once the customer has responded to your salesperson's outreach, the next challenge is to nurture the relationship and keep the conversation going.

For best results, the sales representative should ask the lead enough questions to understand their pain points and personalize their pitch accordingly. The most successful way to do this is to look at your lead's engagement: which piece s of content have they looked at? Did they attend one of your webinars? In his book New Sales. Visit : Stay casual and relatively informal. Value : Ultimately, this is what a prospect is looking for: value. In a Cardone Zone podcast from late , Grant offers some great phrases you can use after you deliver your value proposition.

Cold calls are all about taking control from the very start. Several companies in the are already using PersistIQ to help their current sales development team double conversations started and meetings booked. They are also able to cut new rep ramp time in half.

Do you have time Wednesday or Thursday afternoon around 10 a.

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This should last no longer than seconds. Research reveals that the brain can only process and hold new chunks of info for only about 30 seconds or less. Say what you need to say and no more, then make the ask. Another powerful and effective calling framework comes from Mike Weinberg in his book New Sales.

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Let me steal a minute. Anyone and everyone can figure out a way to incorporate this because everyone is heading up something at their company. In his book, Mike dedicates an entire chapter to sharpening your sales story and crafting your power statements. Our platform has helped countless reps 10x their productivity, which reduces the need for hiring so many new reps, saving your company money and resources.

Complying with the Telemarketing Sales Rule

Ask again. Ask once more. You must remain persistent, keep the dialogue open, and ask again. Once the prospect begins to open up, go for a third ask. Most sales reps will be extremely uncomfortable with this, but once you begin to see the results, you heed this advice every time. This means you can test different frameworks, talking points and approaches so you can become a cold calling pro. First off, you should be using a platform like PersistIQ that allows you to manage all of your outbound sales activities, from calls to emails to social selling in once place.

You should also be able to view your performance metrics and drill down to determine which scripts, personas, team members, etc. You must become a scientist to be a true modern sales pro. Change only one element. Randomly split your list into two even groups and use value proposition A with one group and proposition B with the other group. Now call half of them. At the end of your specified time, crown a winner. Always be testing and refining. Investing time in scientifically testing your calling technique and messaging will pay off in the long run, but you have to start now.

Can I have your email address?

Data is a powerful and beautiful thing. Record and review your calls. They know the power that weekly call reviews directly have on performance. He lays out six steps for the ultimate sales coaching process using an asynchronous coaching method. Step 2 : The rep pulls those two recordings, listens to them, and critiques him or herself on what could be improved. Self-awareness, reflection, and discovery, are critical factors for deliberate practice, which is the strongest predictor of improvement.

Step 3 : The rep shares those calls with his or her manager.

Cold Calls by Charles Benoit

The power of this approach comes when the rep takes responsibility and ownership of improvement. Top performing reps are driven to get this kind of feedback, and managers are stoked to have engagement of this level. In fact, Steve recommends managers not give feedback unless the rep is committed and does their part first. Step 5 : The manager records feedback on the two calls. Step 6 : During the one-on-one, at least 20 minutes should be saved for call coaching.

Since both the rep and the manager have already listened to the call once, you can jump right into re-listening to key snippets and diving into the feedback. For more on call recording law, check out this post on the ExecVision blog. Of course, you can use ExecVision for call recording and deeper insights into your calls.

Want more?

I think there are very few activities that can do more for you and your career. Here are some of my favorite books that will help you dramatically improve your cold calling game:. Also, check out my complete list of recommended sales book , from sales management to prospecting to account-based selling. Check out my full list of the top 10 sales podcasts that every sales rep should be listening too, which include topics beyond cold calling.

I know the last two posts had a lot of info to take in, so bookmark this page and refer back to it regularly to keep refining your cold calling skills. This post was brought to you by PersistIQ.