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Light Up the Stage 15 Opt 15 Flooded Strand 15 Ravenous Trap 14 Karn, the Great Creator 14 Bloodstained Mire 14 Walking Ballista 13 Abrade 13 Force of Negation 13 Lava Dart 13 Horizon Canopy 12 Unclaimed Territory 12 Aether Vial 12 Expedition Map 12 Noble Hierarch 12 Ancient Stirrings 12 Wooded Foothills 12 Chalice of the Void 12 Steam Vents 12 Ancient Ziggurat 12 Mox Opal 12 Champion of the Parish 12 Urza's Power Plant 12 Meddling Mage 12 Bloodghast 12 Urza's Tower 12 Thalia's Lieutenant 12 Mantis Rider 12 Narset, Parter of Veils 12 Phantasmal Image 12 Fiery Islet 12 Urza's Mine 12 Reflector Mage 12 Roslin conceived of his canon tables as matching pairs.

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