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Africa’s mobile youth drive change

But they are saving money in other ways. Phone users are also buying several SIM cards so they can switch between operators and save on interconnection fees.

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Internet prices are coming down and speed is up, writes J. There are 84 million Internet-enabled mobiles in Africa today, Ledgard points out. In response to the burgeoning demand, markets are transitioning slowly from so-called feature phones with limited data access to low-cost smartphones with access to the Internet. James spends a large amount of time on Facebook.

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  • Africa’s mobile youth drive change;

He uses a text-only version of the site and pays no data fees, an important feature for people like him on a tight budget and using a prepaid service. Facebook splits costs with the network operators and phone manufacturers. Google is following in its footsteps, providing free Internet access and also eliminating language barriers by becoming multilingual.

Face-to-face conversations are out, texting is in. Hangouts are no longer the craze for youth. Texting or SMS short message service has overtaken speaking on a mobile phone. Even when young people are physically in the same space, as year-old college student Naomi Kaneza from Rwanda told Africa Renewal , they will secretly text each other.

The mobile market in Africa, powered by youth, has great potential for investors because of the huge numbers. Facebook boasted 38 million users in Africa in , prompting giants like Google and Microsoft to take notice. Microsoft launched YouthSpark in February with the aim of bringing one million small and medium-size African enterprises online by absorbing the existing young workforce. In both urban and rural areas, young people are often the ones managing the mobile phone kiosks that offer a variety of services, from selling airtime to making repairs to unlocking phones to charging them.

The trading of airtime for cash has become a lucrative business in Africa. In Kenya the economic impact of mobile telephony has been huge. It has also made a significant contribution to employment, with an estimated , points of sale for mobile services in , including kiosks and dukas , which are phone and electrical goods stores.

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Building on that model, young African software developers are seeking solutions to everyday problems. After the success of her app Mafuta Go, which helps users find the nearest petrol station with the cheapest prices, she is developing an SMS-based app for taxi motorcycle riders in the capital city, Kampala, whose phones do not have access to the Internet.

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The effects of climate change are being felt in Africa; countries, organisations and individuals, including young people, are taking actions to tackle these effects. In this edition, we highlight some outstanding climate action initiatives by young Africans. Skip to main content.

Africa’s mobile youth drive change

Welcome to the United Nations. Toggle navigation Language:. Africa Renewal. Get our app. Africa's Youth. Cell phones reshape youth cultures. Reid, Richard 'Warfare and the Military. Reid, Richard 'Warfare in pre-colonial Africa. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley-Blackwell. Reid, Richard 'Arms and Adolescence: youth, warfare and statehood in nineteenth-century eastern Africa. Reid, Richard 'Human Booty: some observations on the seizure of people in war, Buganda c. Oxford: James Currey, pp. Aldershot: Ashgate, pp.

Dr. James R. Brennan

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Afrasian Memories in East Africa

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