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Lustbites: "A magazine-style blog by published female erotica writers: Black Lace, Cheek etc. I was a contributor to this blog for two years, and although it has now closed, all the posts are still available in archive. There's so much stuff there - including excerpts from all my books. F-Stop: expose the naked I "A personal look at my experience of depression, on a blog that asked erotica writers to expose their vulnerable selves.

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Photo by David Woolfall. Libidinous Zombie with Rose and Dayv. Get it in Amazon! Please visit and support them.

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Remittance Girl LZ 8Authors. Thank you, Dixie for helping me get my ass up there to tell my story. You are a phenom! And, thank you to LELO for all your wonderful, sexy gifts. If you want the opportunity to tell your true sexy story on stage, get in touch with Dixie De La Tour. Pitch your story here. She always has fun interactive games lined up, contests where some lucky audience members can win incredible LELO prizes and more! It is the perfect date night, you guys. Rose and Big Daddy talk all kinds of mess!

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Things like If you subscribe to Audible. Eva Gantz. I am new to Buffer, but I can tell you that I absolutely love it. Eva Gantz turned me on to it and I haven't looked back since. Buffer is a huge time saver and Eva's on the show today to offer a little 'how to' for authors looking to get started on creating a more efficient social media presence.

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She has even posted a helpful 'get started' video! As always, it was a true delight to chat with Tamsin once again. James Broken Erotica? You may want to write some things down. To be present during the moment when she sees something and decides to make it erotic.

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You know, now that I'm thinking about it, I also wouldn't mind being the object that she would write about. Just to find out what she would do to me--or make me do to something else. Roses smell wonderfully Check out Salome Wilde on Twitter! Thank you! Anais Nin with Paul Herron. Paul is a fount of knowledge when it come to all things: Anais Nin! We discuss how came to discover Anais Nin. Waters Inside the Erotica Writers Studio.

Jade is the kind of person who will try practically anything at least once, and I am so glad for it. I've got another interview ready for your earholes! Sinclair is a creative type who you'll want to keep your eyes on. Don't forget to leave your sexy review in Amazon or Audible. Hey Everyone! Malin is a character driven literary erotica author who knows exactly how to bring the heat, baby. The Sexy Librarian's Dirty 30 is out and it's only 2. Swinging With Cooper Beckett!

Cooper breaks down some of the swinging lifestyle language, he discusses what its like to live life as a satisfied swinger. He puts ridiculous social stigmas in their place. Offers honest advice to couples interested in dipping their toes into the lifestyle, and he even walks us through what's its like attending Desire Resort and Spa. Grab a copy of his new book My Life on the Swingset. I've personally listened to his audiobook and can say that Cooper's personality shines through in his informative, fun narrative, and this Sexy Librarian recommends that you pre-order your audio copy today, too!

Remittance Girl. Our conversation was schedule for 6pm PST, which for her was morning; she lives somewhere in Southeast Asia. I couldn't eat a bite of food after breakfast. Couldn't think about anything else other than I was going to speak with Remittance Girl and I hoped nerves didn't fail me when I dialed her up on Skype.

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I walked, legs heavy with fresh poured lead into my recording studio and Big Daddy dialed her up. She answered. All I could say was "Hi. The voice that came over the other side of the world was one that immediately washed over my skin and I felt as though I was transported to a couch. That the two of us were sharing coffee and the conversation just Emily Bingham is a self proclaimed "Rope Slut" and writer, as well as an amazingly interesting person.

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Lana Fox of Go Deeper Press. Lana has amazed me over the last couple of years with her open-minded approach to publishing erotica and her uncensored and endless support of this genre's authors. She dropped some knowledge that is invaluable for any new writers out there wondering whether or not they should go the traditional route or if they want to tackle their dreams the Indie way. Have a listen here. Allen Dusk is here in person and he squeezed in my little booth with me and we had a lovely conversation.

Dry-Spell Leads To Submission. Submission and Skeletons in the Closet. Rose and Big Daddy have a cute little conversaton about submission and Rose Talks about the Skeleton in her closet. Big Daddy interviews Rose. How the tables have turned. Big Daddy has a nice long interview and chat to find out what makes Rose tick.

Sex, Drugs, and Genetically Modified Penises! We were supposed to be working on the latest Kiss Me Quick's Podcast but we ended up doing this by accident insted.

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Enter at your own risk Tamsin Flowers and Oleander Plume. Nothing like a piece of silky milk chocolate to turn a crummy day into bliss Sinclare Sexsmith. Kay Jaybee. Kay is a brilliant writer, I've read many of her kinky books and short stories and I feel so fortunate to have her included in The Sexy Librarian's Big Book of Erotica.

This was another one of those times where I really had to step back and just appreciate my job. I know I say this all the time, but I really do feel very fortunate to get to speak to so many wonderful people in this world. I appreciate more and more how easy it is to hold a conversation with someone on the other side of the globe and then turn around and share our conversation with the rest of the world. And to finally get to talk with Kay Jaybee, the writer who responded to my initial email, so many years ago, expressing how much I adored her work and then later when I reached out for advice, she was available and without impatience or arrogance.

Kay Jaybee is a woman who has an admirable work ethic and I adore her creative mind as well. I invite you to have a listen to her speak I am constantly amazed at how busy Rachel is. So, it took a lot of explaining and convincing to get the guy to indulge in my fantasy a three-way, with another man. Once in, though, he performed like a pro, making me look like a genius for making the sexy suggestion in the first place. Did I mention that Brandons a great boyfriend? Distractions by Elizabeth ColdwellThe senators costume ball is the social highlight of the year but Blake and Trixie view it only as an opportunity to steal his wifes jewels.

Though theres still time for a little punishing fun in her luxurious boudoir fun that takes an unexpectedly exciting turn when a cute waiter catches them in the act A collection of five mixed erotic stories with a central themes of threesomes. Anything for Her by Rachel Kramer Bussel Emma is so hot for her girlfriend, Jenny, shell do anything to please her, including inviting Jennys new crush, Damon, into their bed.

She doesnt think shes all that into men, but Damon soon wins her over and she winds up fully enjoying their triple play, getting stuffed with his cock with her beautiful babe by her side. Her initially selfless act turns out to be one that brings her the joy of watching them as Jenny fulfils her fantasy and being a very eager participant. When Jane leaves her for a grad student, Dianne decides to be the greedy one for once. She visits The Psychic Harem, a group of women who have been bred for the selected trait of sexual generosity.

All she has to do is lie back and enjoy while they fulfil every need and desire Dianne never knew she had.