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During the late 19 th century, it was widely considered to have the best educational system in the world. After World War I, German university enrollment soared. Why, then, did the highly educated Germans embrace a lunatic like Adolf Hitler? Like the other belligerents, Germans had entered World War I with the expectation that they would win and recoup their war costs by making the losers pay. Hitler was among those agitating against the Weimar government.

Then came the inflation crisis. Trade restrictions made it harder for German companies to earn money through exports. The German government defaulted on its reparations agreement.

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By itself, reparations would have been daunting, but Germany also had a financially stressed-out welfare state. The German central bank began printing stupendous quantities of paper money to pay for all this. Inflation harmed everybody to one degree or another. Feldman reported that gangs of unemployed coal miners plundered the countryside, because farmers refused to trade their produce for worthless paper money.

To be sure, he attempted a coup that failed November 8, , and he was imprisoned.

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During the late s, the German economy began to recover, and there was less interest in the Nazis. If good times had continued, Hitler might have been forgotten. The crisis came as a succession of misguided policies created obstacles to enterprise and brought on the Great Depression. As the number of unemployed went up, more Germans voted for the Nazis, and the number of Nazi members went up again. Hitler maintained non-stop agitation for power. Every night, there were Nazi rallies and marches.

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Although Hitler echoed Soviet-style central economic planning with a Four Year Plan, his method was suffocating regulation rather than outright expropriation. Hitler added secret police, death camps and another war machine. The German educational system, which had inspired so many American progressives, played a major role in all this.

They have arisen among prosperous, educated and cultured people who seemed safe from a dictatorship — in Europe, Asia and South America. If any educational system could inoculate people from barbarism, surely Germany would have led the way. It had early childhood education -- kindergarten. Secondary schools emphasized cultural training. Germans developed modern research universities.

Government provided full scholarships for poor students with ability. Russia, after all, had pogroms — anti-Jewish rioting and persecution — for decades. The short answer is that bad policies caused economic, military and political crises — chow time for tyrants.

The German government led their people to believe they were winning , so everybody was shocked when the truth came out. Then U. They felt betrayed and humiliated. He denounced Jews, capitalists and other alleged villains, vowing to rebuild German greatness. Victorious Allies demanded that Germany pay steep reparations, apparently without giving much thought about how the Germans would get the money for that.

Determined to extract reparations from the Germans, in January the French sent troops into the Ruhr where much of German industry was located. The German government responded by subsidizing those who pursued passive resistance against the French. Consequently, German budget deficits soared. Almost 90 percent of German government spending went for a big bureaucracy, social programs, money-losing nationalized businesses and other subsidies -- a portfolio of obligations uncomfortably familiar to us.

The German government subsidized municipalities, much as U. Germany had a troubled government-run pension system like our Social Security. The German government provided health insurance for millions of people. There were German government programs for 1. The government lavished subsidies on the arts. There were government-run theaters and opera houses. Government-owned railroads lost money.

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The German government even operated factories producing margarine and sausages, which lost money. Winnie has been making a big pot of beans once per week, and then I just heat a single portion at each meal. Just yesterday I saw pictures from a friend on facebook of sexy-time steak. The story at the beginning. I actually laughed out loud. T Ferris.

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Very cool! The diet you described sounds a modification of whole This is pretty much a life change for me. To each their own. Hi Robert, always good to read both sides of a point of view.

There are always pros and cons. Thanks for the link. I followed the link open-minded and ready to research. My Asian wife seems to be fueled by white rice and it accompanies maybe half our meals. Winnie still eats the same way she did before. Wow, not even brown rice? I could probably skip the rice but that smell of freshly cooked rice as you open the rice cooker and the steam shoots up? Sorry, I should have waited till Faturday to post this. Which means we would have to cook two sets of side dishes rice and beans to get us through a meal together.

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  • It can be good with curries though, as a vessel for something else. Which is kind of how I use beans. They just carry the flavor of whatever herbs and spices they are prepared with. Winnie is allergic to several different kinds of beans, probably because of no exposure to them early in life. Winnie has just been making a large batch of beans once per week in the steamer, actually and then I just heat up a single serving at each meal in the nuker.

    No gym membership, no personal trainer, no fancy uniforms, just you and a giant hunk of iron! Tim defintley had an impact on my life, though probably not the one he intended. But instead of starting a business or making my first million I decided to take 5 years off to be a stay at home dad. That extra time off work then led me to finding marksdailyapple and the paleo community dropping 40 pounds myself and eventually to MMM and sites like yours. Certainly I have had other influences and changed myself quite a bit along the way.

    But reading 4HWW first got me to see there are options. We shall see. I had a similar 4HWW experience. But my attitude was never the same after that, because now I truly believed that another way was possible.

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    • Hey Jeremy, glad to hear this is working for you. Curious, what effect has this diet had on your cholesterol? A little more gassy? I feel better overall, more energetic. I love how unconventional his approach is. And how experimental and scientific he is with his approach. He has definitely contributed to the impetus for me to start a blog. I look forward to pursuing the 4-hour workweek as a lifestyle entrepreneur as they call them.

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      Not that I actually plan on working on 4-hours or that Tim only works 4-hours. But building a location independent business with the right systems in place is for sure the goal. I also think he is on to something in mastering a new skill. The old rule of thumb was that it took 10, hours to become an expert and master a skill. Yeah, the 10k hour number is to become competitive on the global level.

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      In the exercise one, he mentioned putting on 34 pounds of muscle in one month. Tonight, at dinner, I went without the bread and will continue to do so. But what about Sunday? I would probably add Funday to Faturday, and then Monday also sounds like Funday, so that needs to stay in too…. Love this post!