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It doesn't work, of course — or at least, it only works for a very short time. The happiness of buying or owning a new item rarely lasts longer than a couple of days. The sense of ego-inflation generated by wealth or expensive possessions can be more enduring, but it's very fragile too. It depends on comparing yourself to other people who aren't as well off as you, and evaporates if you compare yourself to someone who is wealthier than you.

And no matter how much we try to complete or bolster our ego, our inner discontent and incompleteness always re-emerges, generating new desires.

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No matter how much we get, it's never enough. As Buddhism teaches, desires are inexhaustible. The satisfaction of one desire just creates new desires, like a cell multiplying. The only real way of alleviating this psychological discord is not by trying to escape it, but by trying to heal it — which will have to be subject of another blog post. Supply Idiom: Take the cake Demand. Archaic to have sexual intercourse with Medicine copula to become suddenly or be rendered ill he took sick he was taken sick Slang to cheat, deceive, or victimize take amiss to be annoyed or offended by take at one's word See word [17] take care to pay attention; be heedful take care of to assume responsibility for; look after take chances or a chance to behave in a risky manner take five or ten Informal chiefly US and Canadian to take a break of five or ten minutes take heart to become encouraged take it a.

Informal to stand up to or endure criticism, abuse, harsh treatment, etc. Jocular to say someone's name take something upon oneself to assume the right to do or responsibility for something. Not only are US Americans the most materialistic, they are also the most deceptively superficial and useless.

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USA adheres to completely different standards and backward definitions of those standards. In virtually any non westernized country, the definition of "honest work" is the production of actual tangible goods.

In other words, US Americans literally are paid merely to exist. Stocking inventory, operating a register or even screwing around behind a computer in a big office, it's all the same deceptive crap; the act of peddling goods, that others honestly worked to produce, at criminal markup. That is mercantilism at its finest and there is reason why they carry so much negative stigma.

They are liars, cheaters, stealers; outright scumbags whom leech off the honest work of others. Some say the amount a person earns and what they own is a reflection of their work ethic, moral standing and character. But when you consider how some people, like US Americans, do things, you find it to be complete bullshit. A lie propagated by US American themselves in an attempt to present themselves in a more flattering light without actually earning it.

Regardless of weather we do any work or not, Americans are the most productive people on the planet. Our GDP per capita is the highest among large nations with diverse populations by far.

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And by the way, I'm guessing that the computer you wrote that on was made by an American company. Also, YouTube is American too. Stop leeching off of us and make your own website like that. Very interesting and revealing article.

Madness in Small Towns (Small Town Series, Book 2) by Iza Moreau

But I find the dismissal of evolutionary roots for this habbit rather unfair. For one, it doesn't necessarily imply constant dissatisfaction, as the authos seem to suggest, but only the existence of a mechanism of dissatisfaction. There is always this mistake, when one becomes a specialist in a field, to try to encampsulate everything in his field. For the hammer, the purpose of life is to hit nails.

In this case, the psychological approach answers a part of the question, in particular what happens in the head of materialistic people. But, like evolution, it doesn't answer the question satisfactorily by itself. To go back to the comparisons to animal, yes animals aren't constantly discontented, by we know for a fact they can be, so why is that?

Surely human psychology won't be the answer to this. Dogs, waiting for their masters, aren't in a state of discontentement because of incessant chattering in their minds or because they view themselves as seperate to the external world. There are clearly mechanisms of desires and discontentement present in most complex animals in regards to hunger for example that have nothing to do psychological causes, but are rooted in evolutionary purposes.

To exclude the humans from that, or to use a black-or-white reasoning either all animals are constantly dissatisfied which means evolution explains all dissatisfaction or evolution explains none of it is just absolutely irational. Yes, hunters and gatherers weren't driven to gather billons but they surely would feel dissatisfied if they gathered nothing or little. In short, don't do the mistake of thinking your field necessarily has to have the best explanation.

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Materialism is a false paradigm that's really starting to show its limitations. The majority of "physics" at this point are nothing but abstract interpretations no more subjective than our own thinking about them. Very little is anchored in true reality. I am a materialistic person but that's just me. I prefer worldly things and not earthly things although the grass, trees, water, and air is of the earth. If there's ever a book on material things I hope to buy it. Since research shows that wealthy people are actually more depressed, what causes these people to be depressed?

Steve Taylor, Ph. What is responsible for the placebo effect and hypnosis?

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The Madness of Materialism Why are we so driven to accumulate possessions and wealth? Regardless of weather we do Submitted by Anonymous on March 2, - pm.

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Notify me when new comments are posted. When telling the origins of a horror icon, a fine line must be walked. For one, you run the risk of losing the mystery that made the original characters so terrifying to begin with. Bates Motel , however, has created a backstory for Norman Bates Freddie Highmore that makes the psycho of Psycho sympathetic. Still, Norman is always just a second away from behaving horrifically. By expanding on the Norman Bates story, Bates Motel has taken an iconic character and enriched him with a haunted history that makes him even more fascinating as we watch his descent into madness.

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