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Pitchfork is the most trusted voice in music. Top Stories. Muse Simulation Theory.

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Muse Drones. Muse The 2nd Law. Muse The Resistance. Muse H. Muse Black Holes and Revelations. Muse Showbiz. News 14 Show All. Seen live by Adamicz. LIVE by elmongrel. Favorite Artists by PatrikM Favorite Artists by Robert. Seen live!

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Concerts by Intoxicated6. Favorite Bands by warpedmelody. Seen Live by effa Favorite Artists by Kurissooa. Artists, groups and DJs I've seen live in concert Modern Rock by eeeben. Seen Live by thajeztah. My Dream Festival Artist List by jubakala. Favorite Artists non-house by ThaClown.

Favourite Artists by louderthanhell. Favorite Artists by Werkspionin.

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Artists I've Seen Live by wbizri. Artists I've seen live. Not psyrave. All-Time Seen List by toinor. Musikexpress by indy Artists I have Seen Live by carpeted. Alternativ by pappabear. Favorite Artists by cranforever Watchlist by cranforever Autographs by AlecEiffel. Favorite Artists by madonnagirl3. Bands by SirSadist.

Favorite Artists by attmfk. Favorite Artists by Synasthesia.

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Artists I Like by ProtocolX. Q Magazine's, Q Awards by deadevil Videos Edit. Master Release - [Help] Release Notes: optional. Submission Notes: optional. Save Cancel. Contained Releases:. Showbiz Album 66 versions.

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Mushroom , Taste Media Limited. Sell This Version. Origin Of Symmetry Album 62 versions. Mushroom , Taste Media. Hullabaloo Soundtrack Album, Comp 32 versions. Taste Media Limited , Mushroom.

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Absolution Album, EP 63 versions. EastWest , Taste Media Limited.

see Warner Bros. Records , Helium 3. The Resistance Album 48 versions. The 2nd Law Album 39 versions. Drones Album 35 versions. Simulation Theory Album 22 versions. Warner Music. Muse EP 3 versions.

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