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No Ordinary Place

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San Francisco Chronicle. Retrieved August 10, Miami Herald. Boston Globe. Archived from the original on October 16, Archived from the original on October 29, Retrieved November 6, C21 Media. October 15, Retrieved August 15, Archived from the original on July 1, Retrieved August 13, He knows ASL but his classmates don't. He longs to fit in and be accepted as an average kid, but that's not happening. Jacob's teacher is recommending that he be put in a class of deaf kids to help his social development and communication skills.

No Ordinary Place

Jacob's mother agrees, but his father insists that Jacob will be more "normal" by remaining with hearing kids and becoming more proficient at lip-reading. Jacob is feeling helpless and depressed. Jacob finds escape from his problems in a TV program named SuperDeafy that is especially for deaf kids. SuperDeafy is about a deaf superhero who gets into comical situations with a police officer.

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Jacob identifies with SuperDeafy because he, too, is deaf; he fantasizes about being a superhero and surmounting his problems via imagined superpowers. Tony, like Jacob, is having problems due to the self-centeredness and lack of empathy of others. She asks Derek and Tony to come to the school and talk to the school for Diversity Day.

Tony and Derek go to the school for the event, however, Derek upstages Tony by making fun of Tony for being deaf in front of the whole school. This gives a poor image of deaf people, leading people to believe deaf people are a joke and dumb.

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After, Jenny confronts Derek in the school parking lot telling him how inappropriate his behavior was. Tony meets Jenny in the parking lot and it is apparent that Tony falls in love with her. That night, Tony quits being SuperDeafy. Jenny and Tony fall in love, and he goes on with his life without SuperDeafy.

Jenny asks Tony to talk to her class since she sees Jacob is having a difficult time.

No Ordinary Place: Paintings from Japan | Ed Miliano at The Ballinglen Gallery, Ballycastle

He does so, and talks to the kids about what it means to be "normal". Tony explains that being normal simply means being one's own unique, authentic self.

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Jenny and others have a meeting with Jacob's parents and discuss their recommendation to move Jacob into the deaf kids' class. Jacob's dad is still resisting this idea, but over the following weeks he gives it further consideration and changes his mind and also decides to learn ASL. No Ordinary Hero is the first film in the history of SAG Screen Actors Guild commercial feature films to be directed by a deaf director and to be executive-produced exclusively by deaf executive producers.

Adults with special needs offered variety of activities at ‘Not an Ordinary Place’ – Kenton Times

The movie was filmed on location in Los Angeles and Burbank, California. Email: artmuseum email. No Ordinary Place.

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