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What Is Affiliate Marketing? Our Working Definition

The post is about 3, words long and really goes into fine detail of what you should look for when choosing the product, the differences between the various models, the benefits of buying online etc. Since I had done so much research when writing the individual product reviews this was easy for me to write… I had become a genuine expert on the product!

All in all I posted 11 blog posts on the site in July, with each one running to a minimum of words. I pretty much just submitted the site to a few higher quality general and blog directories, picking up maybe a dozen or so links. I also dropped a few into other sites I have access to in the same or similar niche, perhaps another half dozen in total.

Finally I commented on a few blogs which had commentluv enabled to create links back to some of my blog posts. Maybe 30 or so links in total over the month. Not the ones that would start to bring me real traffic, but enough to get a few more eyeballs to the site. By the end of the month the site was getting around visitors a day from google. Work on site in August continued in much the same way it had done in July. I continued to create new content for the blog section of the site and added a further 11 articles. With regards to the blog, I experimented with topical content this month, i.

One of the articles for example was based around the opening ceremony of the Olympics.

For more on my thoughts and how to get the most out of guest posting, have a read at the following article: —. I secured 2 guest post slots in August, each of which had a branded link i. Well, by the end of August I was averaging around visitors a day. So growth had slowed slightly, but was still on the right curve… i. I continued to create fresh content for the blog, although this had slowed from previous months as I focused more on off-site SEO.

In total I added 3 new blog articles over September. I picked up the pace on guest posting and secured 5 guest post slots on good quality sites in my niche. It speeds up the process of finding sites that will be interested in your content and outreach somewhat. Read more about it here. The really good news this month was that the site was starting to gain some natural links, primarily to the high quality content blog pages I had created.

Note: This is why it is so important to create, unique, high quality content with real value. It might take a little time, but if it is good enough the content will eventually start to pick up editorial links on its own and these are the links that will truly see your site rocket up the search rankings. Traffic continued to grow and by the end of the month I was averaging about visitors a day… but this was about to take a bit jump! My commissions also pretty much doubled, which was pleasing!

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Right at the end of September my traffic had taken a jump above the visitors a day mark and it continued to grow through the month, smashing through visitors a day on the 22nd and staying up there for the rest of the month peaking at on the 24th. Overall I secured a further 4 guest posts over the month and continued to pick up some editorial natural links. Before I go on to November and December which is where the real kerching happens! If we split that into normal working weeks i.

Certainly a reason to be cheerful! Over the month I published 1 new blog post and 2 guest posts. I did have to do quite a lot of updating on pricing as the merchants I was promoting battled to undercut each other good news for me! Ok, now for the literal money shot! They say that pictures tell 1, words, so instead of waffling on, here are the screen shots of the December earnings from each of the affiliate networks I was using to promote merchants on the site. It was pretty much the same as November.

The record day was the 10th November, with traffic peaking at visitors. While I would certainly consider myself to be an SEO expert, I did not employ any shady tricks to get my site up the rankings.

Become an affiliate today and make money from your traffic and audience!

I focused on offering true value and high quality content — the kind that google loves. No need to go mad on links, just get some good quality ones to support your quality content and your site will rise up the rankings.

11+ Newest Ways to Promote Affiliate Links & Monetize Your Blog

If you would like help or advice on succeeding with affiliate marketing then feel free to drop me an email and be sure to subscribe to the blog by email for loads more helpful tips on SEO and affiliate marketing. My affiliate site in this study continues to rank well, with traffic and sales growing year on year.

Panda 4. Guest blogging has changed a little in the interim it still works well, but you have to be careful , so be sure to read my guide to guest blogging in before looking for guest posting opportunities for your site. Have a read here after subscribing to my blog of course! I'm a web developer, programmer, blogger and SEO expert from Glasgow, Scotland, with over 15 years experience in the industry.

When I'm not writing about marketing and SEO you'll find me strumming the guitar in my band or listening to Revolver on repeat. Wow you did a great work. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In the past some site owners who had deep pockets only needed to build backlinks through automation and if you didnt have enough budget, it became hard to compete with them. This is an incredible result and yeah it does take you both blood and tear to get this such an amazing result. I wonder if it works well with amazon. Hey David, This seems very interesting.

JVZoo Affiliate Marketing Tutorial, Make Money On JVZoo

I have started laying my hands on some niche websites. Even if it fails, i will not give up on building niche websites until i record a success in it. This was seriously an awesome read. Getting to USD per month was not easy, but you did a great job. I was thinking to start a niche site soon but I was confused where I should start from. And your article turned out to be an eye opener. Money is everywhere, all we need to do is show some dedication and work hard, rest will take care of itself.

Hi Tung, Like most consumer products it sells particularly well in the final quarter.

What is affiliate marketing

February normally takes a dip too when people have no money, but January is good with the sales, so it balances out! This is a true demonstration of hard work and dedication. I am really surprised to see an Affiliate Marketer who researches his chosen product so well and decides to write his own articles. Most of them now a days just outsource it and never care about the quality. Just curious as to what type of keywords you had aimed for with the minimal SEO you performed on the site.

Like I said, I just write naturally! Just what I was looking for. I tend to write my blog posts naturally too, Although I have tried writing keyword centric posts too and they failed moderately. Quick question re your domain name, does it have any relevance to the product whatsoever and what is your opinion on choosing domain names for affiliate product sites? The domain has a brand in it? I love your focus about developing niche products.

Less is sometimes more. THAT is profitable marketing. One quick question if I may: did the website address help you in any way? Creating a brand is the way to go! When you started writing these reviews.

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How did you approach the writing style? Were you en expert, were you unknown, were you a somebody — how did it work? How can you write so many articles about a single product? I mean, there must be a limit to the things you can write about; and I doubt the limit is far away from the first two quality articles.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners – The Ultimate Guide

Full articles expanding on some of the key features Topical content current affairs etc with relevance to the product Some celebrity stuff it works! Product v A competitor product lots of scope for articles like this Main buying guide Seasonal buying guides Product news. Personally when I create new sites its always an uphill battle, even with great original content, to get the organic traffic coming in. No point promoting something that no-one is interested in.