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Book Descriptions : Fast approaching 40 and after two failed marriages, Frances has sworn off men. Elise Stokes CassidyJonesAdv says:.

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CR Hiatt fan page. The Privileged Ones — Book 0. Gone at Zero Hundred — Book 1. Fireworks on the 4th — Book 2. Spy Games — Book 3. Blog at WordPress. Post to Cancel. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Both slaves, both fell in love with the wrong woman, pardon, they fell in love with a woman-very forbidden.

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Mauricio chose to let his love to live her life. Prince fought for his love. Monica La Porta created a dystopian world where women rule, where men are slaves, where the priestess creates the rules. But people are same everywhere. There are always good and bad people.

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People who command and people who are commanded. Slavery, unfortunately, is an everlasting theme. Suppression of the free will has always existed. Fortunately, love is also an everlasting theme. Love can fight anything. People should be free to choose what they want and who they want. All people have same rights, because all people are same. I loved the story. The way it was narrated, the way it was connected to the first book.

The story was well plotted, I liked it more. The characters were great, their personalities were well described. The story with the Priestess was very well incorporated, making it not so ordinary love story. Overall, I liked this book much more than the previous one.

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Sep 25, Clare dooley rated it really liked it. I thought this book had a really interesting premies. I can think of many women who would agree that a society where men were basically treated as stud animals and slaves would be brilliant.

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Most women I know , including myself have gone through a bi-sexual or lesbian phase and enjoyed it. To think of a society where women would be married, mothers, presidents It's a tempting thought. The downside is that like Pax, I love men. I found the sexism towards men as disgusting as I found it towards women.

I enjoyed this story so much that I went back and requested the first book "the priest" so I could read more about Pax's grandmother's love. I can't imagine living in a world where having sexual feelings towards a man could be considered perverted? It's not that much if a stretch though.

That is the truly scary part. Prince was a great guy for Pax to meet and learn from. With such different backgrounds they should have hated each other.

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Instead they found love and strength with each other. I will be looking forward to reading the next book in the series. I have this book 4 stars and have to say that I'd mostly recommend this book to my female reading buddies, some guys may enjoy it but I fear they would be far and between. May 19, Annamaria rated it really liked it. After "The Priest" I could not wait to read "Pax". This book was written before The Priest and it is somehow evident.

I think the expertise of the writer is much higher in The Priest, in the sense that the pace of the story felt slower in Pax than I would have liked and I also found some inconsistency in the behavior of the main character - although it might have been intentional - that I did not like. Yet, the passion, the exquisite use of language, the imagination and credibility of this alter After "The Priest" I could not wait to read "Pax".

Yet, the passion, the exquisite use of language, the imagination and credibility of this alternative society is there already and it reflects the quality of the writer.

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This book affected me deeper than The Priest, I felt enraged by the violence and the injustices perpetrated by the society of women - and it made me think of our own world, and how in the name of self-righteousness we despise those we consider different from us and violate their rights. Now I cannot wait for the third book Nov 08, Bridget rated it liked it.

First of all, read book one. You will understand what is going on.

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The world that Ms. L Porta created is intriguing. Women rule over the men.