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That's A's entire life--some days A's a guy, some days a girl, some days A's one race, the next day another. A doesn't know why. It's been this way as long as A can remember. Every night, goes to bed as one person, every morning, wakes up as another. A's gotten used to it, to just being in the day, getting through the ones stuck in a bad life, enjoying the ones where A's landed in a nice life. But who is A?

What's A's identity made of? And what if A wants something more permanent? Like, what if A falls in love with one person? He discusses his fight with cancer and how he was forced to live life to the fullest and puts life in perspective that we should do the same. I am not a reader usually but this book grabbed me and I almost finished it in one sitting pages in the book.

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This is the very best book with both a box of yarn and an evil archduke that you will ever read. Written by the guy who also wrote Guess Again. A great team. A very funny follow-up to Slot Machine. Same sarcastic narrator Elvin Bishop. Moving into all of the pain and craziness of 9th grade. Best friends don't always see eye to eye. With his newfound powers of persuasion that come with his spectacularly convincing new fake mustache, Capser has his sights set on world domination. And the only one who can stop him is his best friend, Lenny. This book is goofy.

Like the kind of goofy where just when you thought it couldn't get more crazy and absurd, it makes normal seem crazy and crazy normal and up becomes down and nothing makes sense but everything does. This one's great for both fans of the Origami Yoda books and guys completely new to this author.

And it's fantastic for read-alouds! This great series continues--it's full of action and suspense, and parents will like it because it's well-rounded, with good supporting side-characters and some interesting asides. Book No. Keywords dublin, ireland, literature, joyce, short stories, family, school, love, college, marriage, dreams, life, death. Categories Funny Historical figures.

Keywords pop-up, Easter, dyed eggs, bugs, insects, nature, colors, Easter basket. Keywords horror, gruesome, morbid, short story, murder, mental institution, hypnotist, creepy, gothic. If it is added to AbeBooks by one of our member booksellers, we will notify you! Items related to Slot Machine. Slot Machine. Chris Lynch. Publisher: Perfection Learning , Lynch reprises Elvin in Extreme Elvin , where the teen is starting his first year at a Catholic all-boys high school.

A contributor for Publishers Weekly felt that "the wisecracking, irrepressible" Elvin is "just as funny—and perhaps even more likable" in this new installment. The same writer noted that Lynch's "pudgy hero has one scatological misadventure after the next," including gaining a terrible reputation for his eternal hemorrhoids and being tricked into believing he has caught a sexually transmitted disease from holding hands.

In the end, Elvin—newly attracted to girls—goes against the grain, having learned a new lesson in this outing. Instead of chasing after the slim girl his buddies tell him to, he opts to date the rather plump one he is truly attracted to. Elvin returns in Me, Dead Dad, and Alcatraz , where Lynch's hero, now fourteen, struggles with his identity as a young man.

In this third title of the series, Elvin meets his Uncle Alex, who he had been told was dead. Elvin later finds that his mother had lied about the relative's death in order to hide the truth: in reality, Uncle Alex had been serving a prison term for theft. Comedic stories unfold as Elvin's uncle attempts to become a father-figure for the fourteen-year-old boy, sparking disastrous events. School Library Journal critic Miranda Doyle commented that "most will identify with Elvin's outsider status and enjoy his hilarious missteps on the path to adulthood.

While Lynch's inspiration for his books usually comes from his own life or from life around him in Boston, Political Timber was inspired by newspaper accounts of a teenager who ran for mayor of his small town. What resulted is a novel about high-school senior Gordon Foley, who runs for mayor at the insistence of his grandfather, an old-time politician who is now serving time for fraud.

While young Gordon thinks it is all great fun, his grandfather is actually using the teen as a political puppet.

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Less bleak than much of Lynch's fiction, Political Timber is also unique in that it is specifically written for teens. Reviewing the novel in Horn Book , Elizabeth S. Watson called it "fresh, funny, and at times devastatingly frank," and felt that this book "is a great read that offers some discussion fodder as well. In his "Blue-Eyed Son" novel trilogy, Lynch returns to the grittier mean streets of Boston to explore latent and sometimes overt racism.

Chris Lynch

Lynch's microcosm involves fifteen-year-old Mick, who sees his predominately Irish neighborhood becoming racially mixed as blacks, His-panics, and Asians move in. Mick unwittingly becomes a neighborhood hero when he throws an egg at a Cambodian woman during a St. Patrick's Day Parade.

Though Mick hates that his friends and older brother Terry have planned to disrupt the parade by harassing gay and Cambodian marchers, he is forced into throwing the egg, an action caught on television.

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A hero in the local bar, he becomes an outcast at school. Only Toy, a mysterious sort of character, remains his friend, and soon Mick begins to break off ties with his close-knit Irish family and neighborhood and hangs out with Latinos instead. His drunken, oafish older brother has Mick beaten for such treachery, ending the first book of the trilogy, Mick.

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  • Mick's story is carried forward in Blood Relations as he struggles to find himself, forming a brief liaison with beautiful Evelyn and finally ending up in the bed of Toy's mother. The series is concluded with Dog Eat Dog , in which the brothers face off for a final showdown and Mick's friend Toy comes out of the closet as a homosexual. According to Diller, Lynch has created a "noble anti-hero. A reviewer for Publishers Weekly called Whitechurch an "unsettling, coolly polished novel" that again demonstrates Lynch's "profound understanding of society's casualties, misfits and losers.

    Seemingly trapped in the dead-end environment of Whitechurch, each teen finds differing ways to break out of the stagnant environment. - Marilyn Stringer

    A reviewer for Horn Book felt that the "sharply evoked characters and their complex relationship are the novel's greatest strengths. However, Richard does not anticipate the fact that Napoleon Charlie Ellis, the transfer student, proves a difficult friend and his actions force the young white boy to deal with racial tensions in the city. Lauren Adams, writing in Horn Book , felt that "Lynch's provocative novel tells a piece of the city's history and the more intimate story of a transforming friendship.

    Freewill —partly inspired by the Columbine school shooting and partly by the tragedy of teen suicide—is something of a departure dramatically; it is written in the form of a mystery, and utilizes second-person narration.

    Elvin Bishop :: MJStringerPhoto

    Having lost his father and stepmother in a seeming accident, Will is sent to a special school where a sudden rash of suicides forces the reader to wonder if Will is not responsible. One of Will's wood carvings is found at the scene of each of these suicides, making the police suspicious of the boy and also attracting a weird group of hangers-on to Will.

    get link Finally, Will's grandfather helps to unravel the mystery of what is really going on. Dubbed an "unsettling narrative" by Horn Book reviewer Adams, Freewill was described as a "dark, rich young-adult novel that offers something to think about as well as an intriguing story" by Booklist contributor Susan Dove Lempke.

    In Who the Man Lynch creates a protagonist that is deeply misunderstood.