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Killed me. Got fat. Got sick more often. But it helped me break free at 34 due to aggressive savings and good income. Back in shape. The problem with this idea is the false notion that starting your own business is the only way to survive in an American economy.

The Agenda: A Closer Look at Middle Class Decline - The New York Times

Owning a business is fantastic, so long as your business is not overburdened by BS regulations and taxes, so much so that operating a business is choked financially. Unfortunately that is something of an American past-time.

This fits pretty close to Marxism where only business owners, Wall Street crooks, and lazy Zionists are entitled to a good life. It almost seems like it was taken off a Wall Street Journal editorial by some right-wing corporatist hack no offense. In addition, the doctor actually contributes to society.

Cycle of poverty

And what exactly do they do, aside from moving big numbers around from one account to another on a computer screen? With the recent Panama Papers scandal, the obviousness of big companies and rich elites not paying their taxes was made clearly evident for all to see. Ironically, you can rightly argue the richest are NOT paying their fair share of taxes.

Why should a company be able to undergo corporate inversions and restructuring in order to avoid paying US taxes, when the company, for all intents and purposes, was created and flourished in the US? Talk about unfair. The poor and middle class are on the hook for this, and so much more. Like what? Many big corporation leaders spend a portion of their money lobbying for laws that would benefit THEIR companies, not for the people, so they can keep making more money. And at what cost? Killing the environment and the lower-income. I focus on quality instead of quantity.

I work smarter, not harder. Incidentally, it helps tremendously to love what you do for a living. Too many people work like dogs their entire lives, and at the end of it have nothing to show for that hard work. If more money makes you happier, gives you better well-being, then great — go for it.

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Thanking the rich for paying more? Have you ever tried to live on less than 30, a year? Yet you think they should contribute MORE in taxes? The people who pay more in taxes are the people who can AFFORD it — who can actually live and still prosper while paying more. The utter ignorance here is astounding.

This is not ignorance! No handouts, no family money, just me wanting to be more. If I can do it, anyone can. Why should I pay more when other pay none? Roughly half of Americans even pay taxes. Your stats are deceptive. The highest income homes pay a highly disproportionate amount in taxes because they make an extremely disproportionately high amount of money. This would hold true even if we had a simple flat tax. No one chooses poverty. Should our society, the wealthiest in the world, be so precarious that one catastrophe, one illness, or one stupid mistake, condemns a person or family to lifelong poverty?

Yet our society does. It absolutely does. And once a family is sent into poverty, it is incredibly difficult to rise out of it — the statistics prove this. I consider myself privileged enough to give the poor some empathy and help they desperately need. I live well. I pay my taxes. A cruel heartless world can get pretty cruel when it has to. How do we figure out who gets paid what when some are simply lazy?

Can Bernie Sanders or one of his followers tell us more details about his plan?

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Who decides what will be covered under this medical plan? What other services will be afforded to young people with babies? Older parents that may need some help in their homes? What do we do with older Americans that can work, would like to work, yet can only work part-time? What happens when people want to live in nicer, more temperate areas vs. Deserts and colder areas? Will this not stress the environment? Questions are, how much of the federal tax is consumed by the states to fund state and local programs? If you want to really know you are paying an actual federal tax then 2 things you need to do.

2.2 Trends in income inequality between countries

There are lots of reasons why people in poverty stricken areas do not advance economically. For one the education they get is usually very poor. The list goes on and on. Income inequality is not a product of people not wanting to work hard. I encourage you to visit a school in a poverty stricken area. See the culture, and how keeping crime out of some schools becomes a bigger focus than the education a lot of times. Spoiled Or Clueless? Payroll taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, import taxes, gas taxes, cigarette taxes etc… Some Americans may not pay federal income tax but they still pay taxes.

We have graduated progressive tax rates for annual income because people need each marginal dollar less. The other overlooked aspect of the economy is aggregate demand.

The reality is that poor people are far better job creators than the rich because they actually put the money they make back into the economy. When you talk about CEOs making years worth of work, that is the top 0. If that was the case we could privatise everything.

A Closer Look at Middle-Class Decline

The reason one supports state intervention is because we realise that the system we grow up in inherently favours those born in richer areas and at birth no one is by any means given the same opportunities. Those are the kids that will end up in high paid jobs, and those that grew up in poor areas will, statistically, end up in a worse situation financially.

Is it right for us to blame someone for having poor parents and just let them deal with that situation? The bigger the wealth divide the more we pull apart society. Poverty equals crime. It creates a class war.

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  2. You call this a middle class? "I’m trying not to lose my house".
  3. The Agenda: A Closer Look at Middle Class Decline - The New York Times.
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You are given , dollars to share between them, who would you give it to? Equality would have us split the amount evenly, but could we perhaps recognise that that amount of money means far more to the poor person? It means more in that it allows him the means to support himself to a decent standard. Food for him and his children, security of knowing his family will have somewhere to sleep or that he might put his children through college.

You make it sound like if you just work more you will suddenly get wealthy. I was working three jobs, leaving the house at 7 a. I know people who have families who work that hard, but that really strains the relationships. When my son was born, my work ethic changed. I spent less time at work, but tried to be more efficient. I also worked from home more frequently to offset the time I miss due to child rearing duties my wife also works FT. A CEO is the only job where gross incompetence can be rewarded. This article is disingenuous. Median income is a much better indication of how people are faring.

I agree that everyone can earn the sum of money he needs or wants. Even more than 40 hours … as noted. So we must try to answer that question and improve our daily life in all areas, including finance by following the Pareto Principle. Because I always prefer simplicity and productivity. How Is that possible?

Step one — give up your American citizenship and take up citizenship in countries where there is no capital gain tax. There are really nice places to live where capital gain tax is zero. Then set up a limited liability company to expense away all your taxable income.