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Margaash was shot dead at Dudley zoo on October 23, after he escaped his enclosure, zoo officials said. The revelation Friday that Margaash, an 8-year-old snow leopard, was shot dead October 23, after the zoo had closed to visitors, prompted dismay among conservationists. The species is considered vulnerable to becoming endangered. Dudley zoo's director said the snow leopard did not suffer as it was euthanized with a single shot.

You can find more information in our data protection declaration. A black panther that was rescued last week after being spotted prowling the rooftops of a town in the north of France has been stolen from the zoo. The owner is still at large.

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Police and zoo employees in the French town of Maubeuge, near the Belgian border, say the animal's pen had signs of a break-in on Tuesday morning and that the panther was gone. The animal was brought to the zoo following its rescue last week.

A Jaguar Escaped In A Zoo And Killed Five Alpacas, An Emu, And Three Foxes

The cat is only a few months old. Firefighters rescued the cat last Wednesday after it was spotted prowling rooftops in the town of Armentieres. It had escaped through an open window of a private apartment that is presumed to be its home. The panther was being kept illegally as a pet.

Jaguar kills eight other animals after escaping from zoo enclosure | World news | The Guardian

Authorities believe the cat's owner, who is wanted by the police and has not returned to the apartment since the animal's capture, escaped through the same window to avoid being charged with illegally harboring a wild animal. Tigers are secretive, solitary animals that need a lot of room to move. From lush jungles in Malaysia and Indonesia to high mountains in Bhutan and mangrove forests in India, the habitats tigers roam in search of food are being lost to deforestation and development.

Much of what remains is fragmented into chunks of isolated forest surrounded by roads, farms, towns and cities.

With their sleek, stripey coats, piercing stare and adorable cubs, tigers are highly sought-after as exotic pets and zoo animals. This is especially true in the US — according to the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the total number of tigers in the country "likely exceeds the numbers found in the wild. Only half of tiger cubs survive in the wild. Mothers may refuse to feed their offspring or abandon them for unknown reasons. In captivity, zoos have overcome this by getting female dogs to takeover the feeding of tiger cubs. The dogs don't seem to know the difference between their own offspring and the tiger cubs, which take around the same amount of time to wean.

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There are nine subspecies of tiger, of which six survive today. S Sarbi Slippery the Sea Lion.

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