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Here Darkfall was a CM for Gameforge known from the whole community. Rassembleur de minuit 1 Please put a space between "en" and "Coup de minuit". Please keep it this way, unless you want to change this rule thus, you should edit all occurencies. If not, I can request HexEnt for this to get the missing string. Paria drokka 1 Like in original text, please put bold tags to "recrutez".

It remains almost the only one. All of them are now dead.


She would have preferred a normal life; but when war burst upon her, she responded with the compassion and resolve which were once the hallmarks of the Russian intelligentsia. A year ago, Ms Estemirova gave an interview to a sociologist. She spoke for many hours about her life and fate in the small Caucasus republic that has shaped much of what has happened in Russia since the end of the Soviet Union. This document is a reflection of the best and the worst sides of Russia. She was born in into a working family in the Urals and came to Chechnya when she was Her father was Chechen, her mother Russian.

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Two things stuck in her memory from the period before lies and empty shelves. In the hierarchy of the Soviet empire, Chechnya was a backwater. Despite being an oil-producing republic, it was extremely poor. People travelled to Russia proper for sausages and seasonal odd jobs. The truth was in equally short supply. The official silence over these events only inflamed feelings. Grozny, the capital of Chechnya, was a predominantly Russian city. The Chechen language and culture were suppressed.

Ms Estemirova did not speak Chechen fluently. Ms Estemirova had little sympathy with separatist self-rule and was quick to see through the nationalist rhetoric of General Jokhar Dudayev, who came to power in Half-Russian and half-Chechen as she was, she was caught in the middle.

The WORST Yu-Gi-Oh! Translations! "Magnus Great King Computer"! "Abandonment"!

Now I felt the victim was my motherland. Everyone was falling in love with each other. Whatever money was earmarked for Chechnya by the Kremlin was stolen by Chechen and Russian officials before it got anywhere near the ordinary people. Ms Estemirova and her two-year-old daughter lived in a half-ruined flat in Grozny. It was a hole …A new type of crime flourished: kidnappings.

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The idea came from the federal forces who traded both in live and dead bodies. It was they who removed the taboo from these types of crimes.

A man was lying next to her. I saw that my hands were covered in blood. He was a young man, nothing to do with rebels. Perhaps they thought I was drunk. It was October and Russia, under the premiership of Vladimir Putin, had begun a second, longer-lasting war against its own republic of Chechnya. Ms Estemirova joined Memorial and went back to Chechnya, which by then was closed to journalists and outsiders. It was dead. And some sniper, bastard, started shooting.

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Inside there was a woman with five children. When they started bombing, she gathered them all around, because that is how they were found—she must have tried to cover them with her arms. When she photographed those bodies, her own daughter was ten years old. Hey Ryusui, could we get your input over at Talk:Kamakiri "Kamakiri" vs. Thanks in advance!

Please take a look at the Japanese lore for " Masked Doll ". It was originally created with the lore that one doesn't have to pay for " Mask of Brutality ", then changed that no Maintenance Costs need to be payed at all. No idea which is true, even based on the what happens in the anime. Google translate spits out gibberish in this case. It usually gives me a least a vague idea of what was said.

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We stumbled across this card a while back as a potential "Angel" support card, and need to know what's going on in the Japanese lore to see if it's true. Would you take a look at the anime cards listed here and give us some correct lores for them. Some of them can in no way be correct, simply based on the amount of Japanese text on the card. While you're there, feel free to comment on the discussion, since it's died and any more opinions on either side of the argument would be great.

Check out Forum:Offer of affiliation from our sources. Any opinions on the matter would be appreciated, especially one from someone who does translations for us like yourself. Putting this here because I screwed up my edit summary in regards to Yu-Gi-Oh! We don't use "Jaden" in Japanese episode names for GX.

I'm aware that "Kite" is just as valid a translation as "Kaito", but it's worth noting that his name has been consistently romanized as "Kaito" in every on-screen Duel he has had. I've known about this a while. Very odd one. Please read Yokai Monster.

Then take a look at the text on everything the navbox is listing as support. Are there more cards that categorize Yokai is any of the three options that the article lists? Is there something we've missed than would clear up the inconsistencies that the manga seems to have? Reply at Talk:Yokai Monster , if you would. The current animelore we have for " Thousand Knives " states it needs a " Magician " monster to activate. This seems likely, as I've long wondered why someone felt the "Magician" page was needed to begin with.

Does this image support that? Even if it does not, its marked as "2", which means its a card that appeared both before and after the card layout change in DM. An image from the card's first appearance might have a different lore that does support the "Magician" theory. I'm going to try to locate one of those either way. In google translate, it called Change the Baku-barrier. What is the real transition? I have the image ready, but not the page. I'm curious as what the translated Japanese flavor text actually says for certain cards.

While you're there, some checks on what all the members of Dark Blade series translate too would be nice.

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As I said, the names are very cumbersome. What the hell does the lore of the " Motor Shell " say? Google translate spits out complete gibberish, which seems to indicate that a " Motor Parts Token " may not actually be a thing that even exists. Also check out " Tellus the Little Angel ", since that was used in the same manga. Can you check Dinoguy's comment at here and respond there the topic is months old, but don't worry about that.

Hi there, Ryusui. I was wondering if you could help me out with this issue I'm having with Master D. We're arguing over " Urubonus, the Avatar of Malice ". He is claiming that the order of the translated name makes a significant difference, translation wise, to warrant listing on the card page. The English name is "Urubonus, the Avatar of Malice", the name he wants to list under the "Translated" column on the page is "Avatar of Malice, Urubonus.