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These exercises lead to the development of body, soul and spirit. The result of the practical exercises is the development of occult abilities which can be of benefit to the student, in as far as he can change his existence for the better. The study of Hermetics is not an overnight process and is simply one element of the occult. It is a course of study and practice that teaches the science of illumination and the ability to alter reality.

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The ancient Egyptian form of Hermetic philosophy was that the mind shapes reality. The New Hermetics extends that philosophy - the universe is a great mind or consciousness, and we are a part of that consciousness; therefore by learning to control the mind, we learn to control our part of the universe. Hailed by critics as the most entertaining author and one of the most widely respected members of the magick community, Lon Milo DuQuette provides a beacon for aspiring magicians everywhere. A must read! Koetting The ability to summon forth to visible and physical materialization is perhaps the most potent and sought-after power in the entire occult world.

Koetting, gives in the first 5 chapters the elementary principles by which evocation operates, instructions for the necessary preparation of the Operator to call forth and communicate face-to-face with any entity in existence, and the totality of the information and guidance that is needed to open the gateways between the worlds and facilitate the materialization of the spirits.


Once the ability to evoke in such a manner is developed, however, and once those gates are opened, the Operator will have access to secrets that have been protected for millennia by death, murder, and even war. Even within the forbidden there exist taboos which remain in place to protect the human race from itself, to keep an uncontrollable force from being unleashed into this realm, and to keep man from overthrowing the balance of existence altogether. But we should warn you, his material is not for newbies!

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