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This current is not, however, the only time that strange weather impacted the United States so deep into the season. According to weather analysts, the winter season was far worse. Beauregard promoted a project to employ phosphorus incendiary shells against the Federals. Through the end of January, Confederate observers recorded projectiles reached the city, with an additional falling short.

War Surgery 1914-18 (Helion Studies in Military History)

Wainwright prepared to return on this day February 26 years ago: February 26, Friday. And is not. So instead of running this post on its sesquicentennial date, we see it at years, minus one day. On the last day of February , Colonel Charles S. The digital maps […] Printed by Jas. No known copyright restrictions. Khaki uniform may not be regarded a design classic but it has, in many ways, shaped our memory of the First World War.

Perhaps design historians overlook khaki because it is, by definition, inconspicuous. Invented to disguise and conceal soldiers in the field of battle, this clever technique to camouflage colonial soldiers in nineteenth century India was transposed to mass warfare in Europe from Khaki was thought I've always thought that although 'heroine' may on occasions be accurate, 'angel' never is.

Nursing sisters were well trained and experienced over many years, and they relished the opportunity of their skills being publicly recognised. Even the untrained VAD learnt quickly, and found a position as a full member of the nursing team in hospitals at home and overseas. They were not angels, not ethereal creatures, not myth or legend; they were a normal range of earthly women, good Thomas Scotland and Steven Heys eds. War Surgery , Solihull: Helion Books, , pp. Written and edited by medical professionals, this collection of ten essays explores the rapid evolution of military medicine, and specifically surgery, within the British medical services during the conflict.

WAR SURGERY 1914-18.

Presented in plain, accessible language and supported with images and 37 tables, the work successfully makes complex medical subjects comprehensible to those outside the medical profession The blindness is more important than the military background in this story, though this definitely belongs to the class of books that show ex-soldiers as a disturbing presence in post-war society. One small detail surprised and intrigued me Having written several books on the topic, go ahead, check Amazon. Many of these myths are misinterpretations, accidental and deliberate, in terms of how people viewed the war.

Some have been perpetuated by bad history books and worse historians. With no surviving veterans of the World War One, people often accept these Originally posted on No more wriggling out of writing I can only remember one departure from this rule, and that was at a C. Kate Luard's first book was published anonymously in , and because of that it's been available in the public domain for some time. The continuation and sequel, 'Unknown Warriors,' has remained out of print for decades, and although still in copyright, this new edition is the result of much hard work and devotion by members of her family.

It will be published by The History Press in August, and promotion of the new edition Before and immediately after declaring independence from the Russian Empire on 6 December , Finland Suomi had first flirted with an independent monarchy when the German Prince Charles Frederick of Hesse was elected King of Finland before the collapse of the German Empire in October Red Guard during the Finnish Civil War A republican government was established instead of monarchy by the politician Paul W.

Edited by Gary W. Neidhardt, wrote to his wife, Phyllis, between September and November Neidhardt, commissioned as an Ensign in the U. Neither PC boat would encounter the German or Japanese enemy. Each ship did encounter a major storm at sea.

PC encountered the great Atlantic hurricane of September By Robin L. Unlike most books of this type which stop at the conclusion of their U. Navy service, this book continues on By Robert J. Reviewed by Richard P. Hallion, Ph. D The fateful encounter between the Bismarck, Prinz Eugen, Hood, and Prince of Wales at on the morning of 24 May midway between Iceland and Greenland has drawn the attention of numerous authors and analysts.

It even inspired a now-classic film.

The British Army's Tactical Development 1916 - 1918 Storm of Steel Military History

The circumstances of the battle and the shockingly sudden destruction of Hood—arguably the most gracefuland beautiful of all capital ships built in dreadnought style—ensures that generations of students of naval warfare have avidly read all they can find about the By George J. Kolb, Ph. George J. He is the son-in-law of Albert W. Zimmermann who is the focus of this intriguing and well-written biography.

He also used archival and Freedom of Information Act materials in the preparation of the book xxiv She seeks to understand why these women had relations with German men — a social faux-pas in wartime France — and their place in the immediate aftermath of the war.

As Morawetz points out, no laws existed to punish these women and a policy of forgiveness was advised so that the children would be Edmund R. Laine of Stockbridge, Mass. Following are the entries from the week of Jan. Up , shaved. Forrest] not feeling well. Miss F. On May 6, , a party was held in Washington, D. Arms and the doctor, being the military experiences of a middle-aged medical man.

London, Daniel, Gibbs Sir P. Realities of War. Observations of a War correspondent. Gleason AH. Young Hilda at the wars.

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New York, Frederick A. Stokes Company, With the first War ambulance in Belgium.

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New York, Burt, Gleichen H. Contacts and contrasts. She trained as a radiographer at the outbreak of war, and worked on the Italian Front from to ; although the book tells of her life to , a large part is devoted to her war experience. Godfroy L. Champs de Bataille , n. Gosse P. Memoirs of a Camp Follower. Got A. L'affaire Miss Cavell.

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Paris, Plon, Gower M F Duchess of Sutherland. Six weeks at the war. London, The Times, Grow MC. Surgeon Grow, an American in the Russian fighting. New York, Stokes, Malcolm Grow chose to join a front line Russian surgical team; some of his exploits, including a trench raid, were perhaps unethical!

A vivid account of fighting on the Eastern Front. Gray T. Hospital days in Rouen. Greeman E.

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The French adventures of a World War 1 Ambulance driver. New York, Writers and Readers Publishing, Groc L.

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France , Rouff Coll. Patrie 94 , Guitton GSJ. Un preneur d'ames : Louis Lenoir, aumonier des marsouins, Paris, J. Gsell P. Paris, Larousse, Gummer S. The Chavasse Twins. Lady Under Fire on the Western Front. She spent nearly four years on the Western Front in Belgium driving ambulances, and had the distinction of being became the first woman to be awarded the Military Medal for her bravery as well as the French Croix de Guerre and the Belgian Order of Leopold.

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